The First Descendant players call out devs for “pay-to-use” compensation

    The First Descendant players call out devs for “pay-to-use” compensation

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    Following its disastrous launch, The First Descendant developer Nexon Games acted quickly to remedy the situation by “preparing compensation.” At first glance, the goodies they offered were seemingly enough to make up for the myriad opening day issues: a +30% Gold Gain Boost, Kyper Shard Gain Boost, Descendant EXP Gain Boost, and Weapon Mastery EXP Gain Boost, all of which lasts for three days. However, the last item they gave out caught most people’s attention: 2x Matte Red Paints.

    For those unfamiliar, you can use paints in-game to dye your outfits and weapon skins, making them stand out even more. Unfortunately, the main issue with these items is that The First Descendant only lets you use them once, meaning you have to purchase them repeatedly if you want to customize different accessories. But that’s only one part of the problem, as some players on Reddit also pointed out that you “cannot change the color of base weapons or descendants.”

    Yes, this essentially means that you need to purchase a weapon skin or an outfit to use Nexon’s Matte Red Paint compensation. Predictably enough, this hasn’t gone well with the community since The First Descendant was already criticized for its absurdly expensive microtransactions. “I want to like this game, but even the “we’re sorry” has a bill attached to it,” said Redditor TerrifyingT.

    But all is not entirely lost. As user Gawdamn69 pointed out, the game has a free battle pass that offers rewards you can eventually paint. Of course, you’ll need to grind out these freebies first before you can customize them. However, this at least means you won’t have to shell out more of your hard-earned money on a game with questionable microtransaction practices.

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