New Strategy Management Sim Anoxia Station Announced

    New Strategy Management Sim Anoxia Station Announced

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    Abylight Studios revealed their latest sci-fi game on the way as you attempt to survive underneath the Earth in Anocia Station.

    Article Summary

    • Survive deep underground in the sci-fi strategy sim Anoxia Station, set for 2025 release.
    • Manage resources and battle subterranean monsters in an alternate history Earth.
    • Features include randomized maps, survival horror elements, and turn-based gameplay.
    • Assemble an international crew with secret goals, enhancing the game’s strategy and depth.

    Indie game developer Yakov Butuzoff and publisher Abylight Studios revealed a brand new video game today as players can dive into Anoxia Station. This is a sci-fi management strategy sim that takes place in an alternate late ’80s, where Earth has become uninhabitable, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. We have gone underground, but what’s there isn’t too friendly either, as you’ll research for resources and fight the monsters that lie underneath the crust. We have more info and the trailer here at the game will be out sometime in 2025.

    New Strategy Management Sim Anoxia Station Announced
    Credit: Abylight Studios

    Anoxia Station

    It’s 1988 and humanity fights on, as the Earth’s state deteriorates. Your crew is part of an international group of Terranauts sent to a demilitarized neutral zone. Heading into extreme depths, they discover an enormous abandoned mining station and information about a massive deposit of crude oil that could fuel humanity’s salvation. Your goal is to rip apart the dark depths of Earth, producing resources to keep your workers alive and humanity surviving another day. Against you are extreme pressure, heat, radiation, and other incomprehensible dangers lurking deep beneath the decaying surface, across randomized maps that make every playthrough unique. Each strip-mined sector brings the entire crew closer to the fabled oil deposit. But the deeper you go, the more dangerous the environment becomes, bringing new dangers, new rules of survival, and new discoveries to make for the sake of mankind.

    • Single player, turn based strategy game with elements of sci-fi and survival horror.
    • Enjoy the beautiful and exotic landscapes of this pixel art planet, full of enigmas and dangers.
    • Your crew might bring together specialists from the Soviet Union, the United States, the German Democratic Republic, Japan, and beyond. Everyone has their own agenda and ambitions.
    • The team you set up alters the game – specially their secret goals. As the station continues its search, the greatest enemy might turn out to be your fellow man.
    • The soundscape evokes the horror of working in this environment, a mix of the deafening roars of shifting rock, the harsh sounds of mining and welding, the distant clicking of something clearly inhuman, and a familiar scream.

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