‘Disgusted with your company,’ fumes Walmart+ member after online order policy fails and leaves customers ‘so upset’

    ‘Disgusted with your company,’ fumes Walmart+ member after online order policy fails and leaves customers ‘so upset’

    A DISABLED Walmart customer who relies on online shopping was left without groceries after four canceled orders.

    The shopper was also a Walmart+ subscriber, which boasts free delivery as a major perk.

    A Walmart+ subscriber had four orders canceled despite paying for same-deliveryCredit: Getty

    J (@Sk8Rydr86) was “so upset” when trying to use the benefit only to have multiple orders canceled.

    “I pay for the membership, then I put an order in online, and not once but four times you cancel my orders,” he wrote on X.

    He further explained that he is disabled and can’t always get out, making the orders even more important for him.

    “I’m disgusted with your company and employees now,” he added.

    Walmart immediately apologized to J and asked him for more information to rectify the situation.

    Walmart+ costs $12.95 a month or $98 for an annual plan.

    Some perks include free same-day delivery on orders of $35 or more and free next-day and two-day shipping with no minimum order required.

    J isn’t the only Walmart+ subscriber having issues with deliveries.

    Another shopper discovered an added delivery fee to an item they regularly buy.

    “Walmart, the same item I regularly have delivered to the house for free, now has a $6.99 delivery fee. I can’t even find one item anymore that can still be ‘shipped’ free to me,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

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    “I feel scammed, after paying for a year of +, just to have the bosses pull this horse s**t.”

    Walmart apologized, but it was too late for that customer. 

    PAY UP

    Another key benefit of subscribing to Walmart+ is the Scan and Go feature.

    Shoppers can scan items in the Walmart app as they add them to their cart rather than all at once at checkout.

    Customers then scan a QR code on their phones at self-checkout and pay.

    However, one customer wasn’t able to use the feature because the self-checkout kiosks at the store they go to are usually closed.

    How to sign up to Walmart+

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    Here’s how to sign up to Walmart+:

    1. Head to the Walmart website.
    2. Select ‘Account’ and then ‘Walmart+’.
    3. Click ‘Start free 30-day trial’.
    4. Enter your information.
    5. Enjoy the trial and benefits.

    Remember to cancel before the 30 days are up, or pay $12.95 per month (which you can cancel at any time) or $98 for the annual plan if you want to keep it.

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    “Canceled my Walmart+ today,” she wrote on X.

    “It was enough garbage that the self-checkouts weren’t open most of the time in the first place, but when the self-checkout monitor had to rescan my items, that was it,” she added, referring to the employee who stood near the registers.

    “If they have to scan everything, I might as well just go through the line,” she said.

    Another subscriber canceled their membership over a common issue with substitutions.

    And Walmart customers vowed to boycott the store if it doesn’t update the payment options at registers.

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