Here’s how to stay safe when using fireworks this 4th of July

    Here’s how to stay safe when using fireworks this 4th of July

    On Thursday, fireworks will light up the sky. But many of you at home may be planning to put on your own show.

    Fireworks and the traditional Independence Day celebrations can be fun to watch, but also dangerous to handle.

    Fire officials are recommending an alternative to backyard fireworks for the holiday. They encourage people to attend organized, professional displays.

    A new report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission says 9,700 people were treated in emergency rooms for fireworks injuries in 2023. CPSC also received reports of eight deaths.

    If you are planning your own celebration at home, here are some firework safety tips and information from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue on how to keep your 4th of July celebrations injury-free.


    • Stay on flat concrete or pavement. Grass can burn easily.
    • Fireworks are UNPREDICTABLE! Keep unused fireworks in a fire-resistant metal container and far away from the ignition area. If a burning firework suddenly flies sideways while it is lit, it is less likely to catch fire to the rest of the batch.
    • Wear pants and closed-toed shoes to protect skin.
    • Designate ONE person and light ONE at a time. Everyone else should watch as far away as possible or indoors through a window.
    • When lighting a fuse, extend arms far away from the body and keep your head away from the fireworks path. This includes sparklers which burn up to 2,000° degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt metal.
    • Avoid injuries and property damage. Place, point, and light fireworks AWAY from people, pets, homes, and vehicles.
    • Quickly move away after it is lit.
    • If it does not fully ignite, DO NOT touch or re-light. It may burn uncontrollably or explode. Soak with water instead.
    • Before throwing fireworks away, soak them with water to prevent a fire.

    As far as sparklers, they are often seen as a safe alternative, but fire officials said those can cause the most injury.
    When sparklers are ignited, the embers fly off and the heat reaches up to 2000 degrees, which is hot enough to can burn some metals.

    If you choose to celebrate with sparklers, fire officials said it’s important to remember to hold one at a time, at a distance, and away from people and clothing.

    For more information about fireworks safety, click here.

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