Nike Ends App Support for Adapt BB Self-Lacing Sneakers: What It Means for Owners : Tech : Tech Times

    Nike Ends App Support for Adapt BB Self-Lacing Sneakers: What It Means for Owners : Tech : Tech Times

    Nike is discontinuing the app for its self-lacing shoes. The Adapt BB smartphone app, which controls Nike’s $350 self-lacing sneaker’s third edition, will disappear from Google Play and the iPhone App Store soon.

    Inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy, the physical buttons on these self-lacing sneakers provide minimal functionality. This includes turning them on and off, monitoring battery conditions, tightening the lace, and storing a preset. Notably, users can no longer modify shoe illumination after the app’s retirement.

    On August 6, Nike will stop allowing app installs and transfers. Future iOS versions may reduce or eliminate app functionality, according to The Verge.

    NBA superstars Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic liked the Nike Adapt BB basketball sneakers’ changeable fit via Bluetooth and tactile buttons. The app added three tightness settings and LED color adjustments, but it was only available to those who had it.

    The long-term difficulty of sustaining smart clothing goods contrasts with consumer electronics’ more regular updates, the report highlighted. From a financial standpoint, the decision highlights the potential annoyance for customers dependent on the app to manage their smart footwear, even as the actual shoes stay in use for years.

    Advantages of Self-Lacing Shoes

    The Nike MAG with power laces took the shoe industry by storm following its limited debut. According to Hypebeast, in 2016, this breakthrough technology reached more people with HyperAdapt 1.0. Subsequently, self-lacing sneakers evolved, culminating in the Adapt App for the Adapt BB, a basketball sneaker with mobile app-specific features.

    Nike’s main concern is basketball shoe comfort and fit during play. While playing, a player’s foot might enlarge by nearly half a size, affecting their mobility and effectiveness. Allowing players to alter their footwear mid-game improves their experience.

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    Advantages drive the elimination or evolution of conventional laces. Traditional lacing techniques can inhibit blood flow, performance, and recuperation for professional players, who generally wear their shoes firmly knotted. According to, Adapt BB has a lacing mechanism that can generate 32 pounds of force, enough to launch a parachute line. This keeps the shoe locked throughout a player’s motions.

    Nike’s competitor Adidas developed the N3XT L3V3L basketball shoe, which uses interwoven materials and self-tightening weaves, per TechCrunch.

    Nike to Release More Affordable Sneakers

    The retirement of the Adapt BB app support comes as Nike’s chief financial officer revealed that the business will launch $100-or-less footwear worldwide to boost sales.

    According to the Japan Times, Nike is changing its product lineup to reclaim market share.

    The shoemaker has just upped the price of their premium Air Jordan 1 sneakers to $200 at Nordstrom and Nike’s website lists high-end Air Force 1 sneakers for $150. Adidas’ three-striped Samba and multi-colored Gazelle sneakers cost $100 and $120, respectively.

    Nike’s shares fell 19.98% on Friday after the revelation, the worst single-day loss in the company’s history. Nike revealed an unexpected sales drop for its latest quarter, resulting in a significant dip. Adidas and newcomers like On & Deckers’ Hoka are challenging the sportswear titan.

    Nike officials also saw lower foot traffic in their outlet stores, which sell cheap shoes and clothes, indicating increased difficulty appealing to budget-conscious shoppers.

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