MLB All-Star Game Jerseys Going Viral For All the Wrong Reasons

    MLB All-Star Game Jerseys Going Viral For All the Wrong Reasons

    On Wednesday, Major League Baseball announced the starters for the upcoming 2024 All-Star Game.

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    The Philadelphia Phillies lead all of MLB with three players as starters, while six teams — the Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, Cleveland Guardians, Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, and Milwaukee Brewers — each have two. The final starters come from the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

    The rest of the reserves, starting pitchers, and relief pitchers will be revealed on Sunday, and then any injury replacements will be announced in the days leading up to the All-Star Game.

    The All-Star Break begins on Monday, July 15, while the All-Star Game will be on Tuesday, July 16. Regular season games will resume that Friday, July 19.

    Shortly after the All-Star starters were announced, Major League Baseball revealed the All-Star Game jerseys — and safe to say, fans don’t love them.

    MLB All-Star Game
    ARLINGTON, TEXAS – JULY 02: A general view of signage promoting the 2024 MLB All Star Game is shown outside the ballpark before the game bw at Globe Life Field on July 02, 2024 in…

    The league has been trying different things in terms of designing special All-Star Game jerseys, but many fans just want them to go back to the days when every player wore their own team jerseys.

    Nevertheless, MLB hasn’t done that, and fans had a lot to say about this year’s jerseys. Here’s the first look at the jerseys that the All-Stars will be wearing at this year’s Midsummer Classic:

    It’s difficult to find a supportive comment for the jerseys under this post on X. Some of them question the design, while many of them continue to beg the league to go back to players wearing their own team jerseys.

    MLB jerseys have been under tons of scrutiny this season. Small lettering on the nameplates, non-sweat-resistant fabric, and easy-to-rip material have been some of the many issues both fans and players have had.

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    The league and Nike announced in May that they would fix the jerseys for the 2025 season, but for the remainder of this season, players will have to manage.

    While the issues with the All-Star Game jerseys have nothing to do with the problems regarding the everyday jerseys, it’s just another thing that fans get to complain about. It seems like it would be easy for MLB to give the fans what they want and bring back the old jerseys — but instead, they’re continuing to try to come up with the next great idea.

    It doesn’t appear that this version of the jersey is it.

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