Baby mama offered 0K to sign an NDA and ‘single-parent’ adopt Navy Joan

    Baby mama offered $250K to sign an NDA and ‘single-parent’ adopt Navy Joan

    By Nikki Schwab, Chief Campaign Correspondent For Dailymail.Com In Washington, D.C.

    17:11 04 Jul 2024, updated 18:24 04 Jul 2024

    Hunter Biden’s attorney made a revolting offer to Lunden Roberts in an attempt to keep their love child a secret, her new memoir claims. 

    Roberts recalls in ‘Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden’ the moment her lawyer told her in 2019 that Hunter was willing to pay $250,000 to never play any role whatsoever in now five-year-old Navy Joan’s life. 

    Roberts said she had never felt ‘so much heartbreak and anger at the same time’ than when the Bidens attempted to buy her off.   

    Lunden reveals all about meeting and then casually dating Hunter while he was addicted to crack cocaine – and how he carelessly treated her once he found out she was pregnant with his baby in 2018. 

    Lunden Roberts (right) with her daughter Navy Joan (left) pose for a photo on the beach. She claims in her book that Hunter’s attorney offered $250,000 for her to sign an NDA to not discuss Hunter’s positive paternity test
    Lunden Roberts is photographed leaving court in December 2019 amid her paternity case with Hunter Biden that she wrote about in her forthcoming tell-all. She said Hunter’s team wanted her to ‘single-parent adopt’ Navy

    But things only got worse in 2019 when a DNA test taken at a facility in Oklahoma City proved that Hunter was the father of Lunden’s daughter Navy Joan. 

    Lunden mistakenly believed that once paternity had been established, ‘Huneter would try to connect with his daughter’. 

    However, that’s when she received a call from her lawyer, Clint Lancaster. obtained an early copy of Lunden Roberts’ forthcoming memoir Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden

    Hunter, Lancaster told her, ‘claims to be broke’. 

    Lunden said she told her lawyer that she didn’t care about that.

    ‘It was just proven that he’s the father, and the first thing he comes back with is ‘I’m broke.’ How about ‘I’m sorry?’ How about taking accountability for your child?’ she mused. ‘I don’t care if you’re broke, and your child won’t care either. All she wants is a father.’ 

    But then Lancaster dropped a ‘bomb.’ 

    ‘But that’s not the biggie,’ her lawyer said. ‘He wants to know if you would like to single-parent adopt Navy?’ 

    Lunden immediately got angry. 

    ‘Adopt her? Are you f***ing kidding me? So then he has no obligations and avoids responsibility?’ she asked. 

    Lancaster answered yes. 

    ‘They even asked if you would sign an NDA to not discuss the results,’ Lunden’s lawyer replied.  

    The young mom wasn’t having it. 

    ‘Oh, hell no. They can shove that NDA up the a** and their f***ing offer,’ she told Lancaster. 

    ‘Hunter has hurt me before, but this is a new hurt, a mother’s hurt for her daughter, my heart breaks for her,’ Lunden recalled feeling at the time. 

    Lancaster then claimed that Hunter’s team had given him a dollar amount. 

    ‘They said he’s willing to add $250,000 to the deal,’ Lunden’s lawyer said. 

    Lunden Roberts’ lawyer Clint Lancaster is photographed outside Independence County Court in Batesville, Arkansas in May 2023

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    Lunden said her jaw dropped to the floor upon hearing that. 

    ”How the hell do you put a dollar figure on your own daughter? He wants to keep everything hush, not be a father, and continue to humiliate me in public,” Lunden writes. 

    Before establishing paternity, Hunter had smeared Lunden in the press, by denying to The New Yorker that they ever had sex. 

    Now Hunter wanted legal permission to continue that denial. 

    Lancaster asked Lunden how she wanted to proceed. 

    ‘I wanted to do this the best way to not harm him, but f*** him,’ she told her lawyer. ‘You tell him I said eat s***, motherf***er. Do whatever you have to do.’ 

    Lancaster said he would file a motion with the court to establish paternity, with Lunden telling the attorney she didn’t need to review it.

    Hunter Biden (left) married Melissa Cohen (right), his second wife, who was pregnant with baby Beau amid Lunden Roberts’ paternity battle in 2019

    ‘No, I’m sick of this s***. Chew him up and spit him out. I don’t care about the details,’ Lunden said. 

    ‘I get off the phone and I look on the bed next to my sleeping daughter. Caressing Navy’s blonde curls, I can’t hold back the tears,’ she recalled. ‘How could anyone not want this perfect angel.’ 

    When the motion was filed, there was one detail Lunden and Lancaster missed. 

    They did so on now President Joe Biden’s birthday. 

    ‘Turns out we filed the court documents with the DNA test results on November 20, Joe’s birthday, and didn’t know it,’ she admitted. 

    ‘I look so conniving,’ she wrote. 

    A lawyer for Hunter Biden did not respond to’s request for comment. 

    Out of the Shadows will be released August 20.  

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