Sunak and Starmer vote as UK goes to the polls

    Sunak and Starmer vote as UK goes to the polls



    Myleene Klass and Piers Morgan outside their local polling stations. (Instagram)

    Myleene Klass has said Parliament “on the whole” is “utterly oblivious to the needs of the real world” as she encouraged people to make their voices heard by voting.

    In a post on Instagram, the musician and TV presenter said: “I never thought it possible my voice could create change and yet time and time again I have been able to prove that it does, I just need to use it.”

    The singer, who has successfully campaigned for changes to women’s healthcare and miscarriage laws, decried the “old boys club” of Parliament, claiming people there have asked her “which Asian” she is, and have remarked, “Oh, we have a Filipino maid”.

    “Parliament is on the whole, utterly oblivious to the needs of the real world. Thats why, you must use your vote today. To make change. For you and for your children,” she added.

    Broadcaster Piers Morgan also urged people to get out and vote in as blunt a fashion as people would expect of him.

    “If you don’t vote, you have no right to moan, bleat, whine or chunter about the way this country is run. So, get down to your local polling station and VOTE,” he wrote.

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