Youngest of famous Cal Falcons family found injured at Berkeley Marina

    Youngest of famous Cal Falcons family found injured at Berkeley Marina

    Equinox, or Nox for short, is seen stretching his wings atop the UC Berkeley Campanile bell tower on June 7, 2024. Nox was found injured in the Berkeley Marina waters on July 3, 2024. (Photo: Cal Falcons/UC Berkeley)

    (KRON) — One of the four young peregrine falcons that hatched this year at the University of California, Berkeley’s Campanile bell tower was rescued from the water at Berkeley Marina on Wednesday. According to rescuers, the falcon has suffered a broken wing and possible head trauma.

    Nox, short for Equinox, was rescued from the water in Berkeley by Bay Raptor Rescue, according to the Cal Falcons group of scientists who monitor the nesting site atop the tower and share videos with a devoted social media following. The injured falcon was transported to WildCare in San Rafael for further examination and recovery.

    “It appears that Nox had some misadventures while he was out of the Cal Falcons webcam’s eye,” WildCare wrote on Facebook. X-rays taken by veterinarians showed that Nox suffered a broken metacarpal bone in his right wing.

    “The wing fracture in particular is an injury that is serious for any bird, but it especially so for a Peregrine Falcon,” WildCare wrote. “These birds are the fastest animals in the world, stooping at 200 miles an hour to catch their avian prey out of the air. To survive in the wild, a Peregrine Falcon must have powerful wings and perfect agility.”

    According to the wildlife hospital, Nox was unable to fully stand Wednesday despite being able to use his feet and legs, leading the veterinarians to suspect possible head trauma. He is currently receiving medication for pain and swelling, and the wing has been immobilized for healing, according to WildCare.

    As of Wednesday evening, the wildlife hospital was working to determine if surgery would be possible for Nox’s wing injury.

    Cal Falcons and WildCare are urging people not to call WildCare’s hotline for updates on Nox so that the lines can be open for incoming emergencies.

    Nox is the youngest male hatched from parents Annie and Archie, and has one older brother named Eclipse and two older sisters named Aurora and Sol. In May, Cal Falcons held their yearly naming contest for the newest brood of chicks born to Annie and her beaus.

    Anyone wishing to donate to Nox’s treatment and the care of other injured wildlife can do so on the WildCare website.

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