Update on 2024-2025 Budget – Lexington County Sheriff’s Department

    Update on 2024-2025 Budget – Lexington County Sheriff’s Department

    Good afternoon,

    I have great news for all of you about our 2024-2025 budget, which goes into effect July 1. Thanks to County Council and our County Administrator, along with our commitment to financial discipline, the new budget is very positive for individual employees and our agency as a whole.

    As you’ll see at the top of the list below, thanks to pay band adjustments and merit-based salary increases, all current employees will receive a raise of up to 6 percent.

    Of course, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the impact we’re making together as we work to make Lexington County a safer place. We’re not only managing our financial resources effectively, but using tools responsibly during our day-to-day duties.

    The 2024–2025 budget generally provides for the following:

    ·         Every county pay band will be increased by 3 percent, which translates into a 3 percent cost-of-living increase for current employees, and makes us more competitive in hiring

    ·        Current employees will also receive merit-based salary increases of up to 3 percent, depending on your annual evaluation

    ·         The 3 percent cost-of-living increase results in new, escalated starting pay ranges for patrol deputy/detention deputy positions:


    $48,342 – $53,664 (depending on qualifications)


    $50,288 – $55,609 (depending on qualifications)   

    ·         Initiation of new SRO positions in School Districts 1 and 4

    ·        Taser 10 platform implementation

    o   All new Taser 10’s for patrol and detention deputies

    o   All new body cameras

    o   All new interview room equipment

    o   Updated fleet cameras

    ·        Replacement of 30 Toughbooks

    ·        Replacement of 40 800MHz radios

    ·        Replacement of 15 vehicle printers

    ·        Replacement of 33 laptop computers

    ·        Replacement of 37 Tahoe vehicles, at a cost of $2.8 million

    ·        Replacement of sally port gate at the detention center

    ·        Replacement of a mobile message board

    ·        Replacement of bomb robot

    ·        Replacement of two K-9s

    As we transition into the new fiscal year, let’s go forward with determination and optimism. Remain determined to work as a professional law enforcement team to build relationships with those we are sworn to serve. Continue to be optimistic about our community and be thankful for the strong support we enjoy.

    Thank you once again for your hard work and service to the people of our county. I wish you a very enjoyable and happy Independence Day, and safe travels with your family and loved ones over the rest of the summer.


    Sheriff Koon

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